Sunday, May 31, 2009

Laundry lists

     The nursery is as good as done now. Outside of getting Lydia's room painted this week, I have bookoo loads of laundry to do. Pete will have to do most of Lydia's room on his own. I am really feeling it lately. I cleaned the house yesterday and will spend today paying for it. Soreness abound. Pete did finish Lydia’s furniture. I’m happy with it and it looks great in her room! I love the new arrangement. The tall dresser really works much better than the long dresser in her room.
     Pete went to play in his alumni soccer game at Herkimer yesterday and is still sleeping now. He needs to get up and start breakfast soon. I sent Lyds up to wake him. That has become his task since I was pregnant with Lydia. For whatever reason, I could eat breakfast but I just couldn’t make it. It made me sick, so he took it over and I never took it back. It has worked into a nice weekend family tradition!
     Today is the last day of Sunday School for the summer and we have a few play dates to go to this week. Next Saturday we have a birthday party to attend and Lyds and I need to go get a "Father's Day surprise" done for daddy in the morning. Sounds like a good morning to send daddy off fishing for the morning. (Pete did you read that? For the morning. Not all day. Just the morning buddy. Be home at 2pm. It's in writing so now you can't mess with the time. :D ) Ah, and next Saturday night I have a girlfriend cocktail party to go to. Good times. Looking forward to an evening of good girlfriend chat. I need to check with Beck to see what she wants me to bring.
     Lyds is continuing with her lists. Last night she made a "list" for daddy. Again, it's a list of her wants. Good lord, we are in trouble.
     A neighbor had a garage sale so I scooted on over to ask her how she does. She said she advertises on Craigslist and in the Scotsmen/Pennysaver. She does well enough that she does one every year. I wondered how garage sales faired on our street since it's not a through street. The only people that travel on it are the people that live here or the people that make a wrong turn. So knowing what she said, I have enough stuff I want to get rid of to have a sale myself. I'm thinking the Friday and Saturday of Father's Day weekend. Writing this reminds me...I still have to get that bin of summer clothes washed and pressed for the consignment shop! Ha, MORE laundry.

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