Monday, May 25, 2009


     Photo: Memorial Day camping trip, 2004.
     Bed is down, crib is up, and the dresser I needed moved has been moved. We also brought the glider and ottoman up. It's starting to look like a nursery!
     The cookout was a success. We certainly have enough leftovers for a few nights of dinners, which is good since I've not been in the mood to cook at all lately. Poor husband and kid. The girls had a good time playing with each other. The two baby boys-- one was terribly cute (7-months) with his squealing at the girls. I think he's going to be a flirt. The other (13-months) had a grand time being a boy and trashing my house. I'd tell him to stop trashing my picture frames-- that was his ammo of choice-- and he would have a conversation right back with me. I'm not sure what he was saying, but he was quite serious. Apparently, he was on some sort of mission and I don't know what it was. Michelle told me that Bre was never into things as Gavin is...and I do remember that Lyds wasn't either. She was entertained enough with her toys and didn't need to bother with my knickknacks. Am I going to be in trouble with a boy? Will I actually have to undecorate my house for a year or so?
     Tomorrow is back to work and a play date--back to a normal schedule. The long, enjoyable weekend is over...and we did get the flowers planted today! :)


  1. If this is the Team bojo web come I am not in the picture with you and Lydia.

  2. your dad is in the background of that photo, isn't that good enough? and you're in this posts photo. for the love of god husband.

    actually, it's because i couldn't find a recent family photo with all three of us in it, but i'll continue to have you think i purposely excluded you. ;)

  3. Well we have the disney picture with us and Goofy or Mickey and Minnie.....

  4. i don't have that downloaded anywhere.

  5. There is nothing in my house, besides old couches. The things I had when Candace was a baby are now in storage. My boys are into everything, nothing is off limits. They are natural climbers, so even pictures on the walls are not safe. I think my house will be baby-proof until they go off to college.