Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nesting To-Do's

     Today Lyds is having one of her "parties." I think we have 8ish kids coming to play today. It should be nice enough to play outside.
     We have a low key uneventful week going on, other than today's play date. I am on a mission to get the house list done before Jonathan arrives, so I'm trying to be better about keeping my evenings free so we can work on the list. We went out and bought the bathroom and bedroom paints last night. Lyds was properly dressed in her turquoise taffeta dress-up skirt and matching heels with pink jewel hearts. Pete wasn't keen on her going out with the heels but I say, what's the harm? She's happy and she's three and she was stylin'. She also has a new hair style-- we went with a little bob. She never keeps the clips or ponies I put in her hair and by the end of the day she looks a little ragged-- so we decided to go shorter. It's chin length and looks very cute. It brings her curls up nicely. My fingers are crossed that her hair is still holding a decent curl when I pick her up this afternoon. I do think the length was weighing down her curl. I'll try to get a photo of her at today's play date so I can post a picture of her new 'do.
     So back to Jonathan and the house. My mission is to get these things done in this order:
  1. paint the bathroom; get navy towels
  2. paint Lyds room; we just ordered Lydie's new bedroom furniture
  3. put together nursery; take down queen bed and put up crib
  4. build new back stairs (going into the backyard)
  5. Pete needs to weather-poof the swing set and front bench with a clear stain-- but that can happen after the baby. #1-4 I'd ideally like to have completed before the baby's arrival. Well, by the end of June so I can relax a bit before I need to tend to two. July 16th is just 65 days away!
     I keep forgetting that I need to order a diaper genie and a new co-sleeper. I also have loads of laundry to do from clothes that were given to me and my garage sale finds for Jonathan. I need to see what I have and what I still need. I think we're pretty good though.
     Pete is working late tonight so tonight's evening mission is to continue going through Lydia's (0-2T) clothes to sell at mom's neighborhood garage sale on Saturday. That's actually my mission all week, sandwiched with starting on the bathroom.

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