Sunday, November 27, 2011


November was a busy month. Lydia had a turkey to decorate.

I was busy seeing how festive I could be for the Jingle Bell Run and It's a Wonderful Run. Nothing says speedy like Woodstock!

We rocked out at our cousin Amelia's birthday party!

JP started participating in Children's Time at church.

We enjoyed a walk at Lights on the Lake with our friends.

My TA made a yule log for our classroom, because every classroom should have a yule log.
We ate breakfast with Santa at the mall.

Jon was more interested in the Wegman's dog than Santa.

Just a little boogie down time with the pup.

Whoa! Just don't get too close!

Well if Santa likes the dog...

Lyds is always good for striking a pose.

The Jingle Bell Run with some old high school friends!!

Woodstock didn't give me a PR, but it was awesome to be wearing a running skirt at the end of November!

Kim and I are planning more races together for 2012!

Every year my classroom cooks a FEAST and the pink apron always comes out!

My wonderful TA of 14 years! She was the one that got creative with the yule log. I just threw the idea out there and we had the yule log all beautified within two days. Is that just total awesomeness, or what?

My husband comes to our feast and brings the kids. The students and their families also attend this great feast, along with some faculty and staff. Hi Denise! Hi Laura!

The Y-Runners got together for the holiday!! Most of the runners were in my marathon training group.

JP got sick in November. Poor little guy.

"Hi mom."

The beautiful November sunrise on the way to meeting some of my peeps for our Saturday long run.

Another Santa sighting at the Polar Express pajama party!

Lyds met one of her BFF's there.

Hi Lyds! Hi Sammy!

My awesome TA, once again. Last spring she did the C25K program with a student of mine. We spent a half hour on the school track, three times a week. She's in her 60's and just started running! What an accomplishment!
Her daughter sent me these photos of her running the Turkey Trot in DC. She ran the whole race.  Go Nancy!