Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunny days

     Pete said he wants to take a few days off from painting before starting Lydie's room. We have some furniture that needs putting together so that will be the agenda this weekend. He'll be a busy man. At the very least, while he's working on that, I can try to get some sort of assemblance back in Jonathan's room and get things moved to where they should be. I have to move some things out of what was once a spare room closet, somewhere else, so that can now become Jonathan's closet. :) Plus I have loads of clean laundry that is waiting to be put away. Here's the furniture for Lydia's room:

     My sinuses are slowly getting better. I still have one clogged sinus on the right side that was making my jaw ache. This morning I actually felt some relief so I think the decongestants are finally working.
     I'm looking forward to the great weekend. I have Friday and Monday off so it will be extra long, and the weather is supposed to be amazing. I want to get a few annuals planted and Lyds was very excited when I told her she could help me with that.
     I still need to remember to call mom to pick a day to barbecue...and we really ought to plan a fun family day with Lydia. I know Springside Farm has their festival this weekend...and it's probably even nice enough to consider hitting the beach. Decisions, decisions.


  1. What beautiful furniture for Lyds! I'm sure I missed it somewhere, but what color on the walls? All little girl's rooms need color. :-)

    We have furniture to put together too. Maybe we'll work on that this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I think it's called purple sequin for her bedroom and her bathroom is blue oasis. I'll have to double check and see if I can find a sample color to post when I get home.