Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wild horses

      I had the joy of a lovely leg cramp waking me around 4:30 this morning. I think Pete might have thought I was in labor. It was my worst leg cramp yet. Ouch. I couldn't fall back to sleep and anticipate napping with Lyds this afternoon.
     Lyds is currently galloping around the house with her stick horse. No princess sighting yet today. Ah, to be three again--the things that can entertain you. She's attempting to bring her breakfast out to her horse in the living room to feed him. I promptly told her that the horse needs to eat at the kitchen table.
     There is potential for rain this afternoon so depending on the weather, I may or may not get my annuals planted this afternoon. Pete is off fishing until 1:00 and I plan to get my weekly cleaning done this morning. Sunday is picnicking and boating with mom and Jim and Monday is open at the moment. 
     Pete started on Lyds furniture and has the nightstand done. I'm very happy with the quality of the purchase. The reviews on the set were great and the display in the store is what sold me. For the price, if it lasts until Lyds teen years and she wants something a bit more grown-up, then it was well worth the price. Now we just have to see how it holds up to the years of banging from a young kid.


  1. Leg cramps are the worst! I get them because of my back if I stretch my leg wrong. And oh does it hurt! Hopefully that's the end of them.

    You get so much done. Puts me to shame. LOL!

  2. these are pregnancy leg cramps. today i was putting lotion on my legs and had the pleasure of a cramp in the arch of my foot. good times I'm tellin' ya.

  3. Oh, I know they are pregnancy leg cramps, but I figure I'd sympathize nonetheless. Whatever causes them doesn't change the fact that they hurt. The only good thing is I know how to prevent them. I sometimes push it a little too far and get them, but if I'm good, I can stop them.

  4. come stop mine please.