Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One down, many to go

      The bathroom is finished. I am buying new towels and towel bars after work today. I need to touch up the trim and put the room back together and we'll be officially done and ready to move on to Lydia's bedroom. We have to take off the boarder and prep the walls. We probably won't get to that until Friday. Pete is working late 2 nights this week and I have my MNO dinner on Wednesday. I have high hopes that we can get her room painted this weekend. I am anxious to get things done. I have 58-days left!
     I am still congested and my sinuses ache all the way down to my teeth. The decongestant works but I can certainly tell when it wears off. The pressure is insane. My throat no longer hurts so that's a good thing. This cold is distracting me from any pregnancy aches and pains I may have.
     Overall, this particular pregnancy is going much better than my pregnancy with Lyds. I feel a million times better this time around. I have no joint pain, no carpel tunnel, and no rash. I pee myself a bit more than I did with Lyds. Jonathan has a thing for putting pressure on my bladder at inappropriate times, usually when I am furthest from the bathroom. Occasionally he moves and hits a nerve that sends a shooting pain that stops me in my tracks. He's a roller and seems to sit low and Lyds was a kicker who liked to get stuck under my ribs all the time. It's interesting how these two pregnancies are very different. I am still gaining the weight of a cow, as I did with Lyds. The difference this time around is I won't wait a year and a half to get myself to Weight Watchers. I can't believe how easily that program worked for me and to think I had waited so long to give it a try! Tsk. Tsk.
      Lyds and I went to the library last night. She loves going and we try to go once a week...or at least I make it there once a week to do a return and get new books. I have to admit that I am sometimes lazy and make my library run before I pick her up from daycare. I can be in and out in less than 15-minutes that way. It generally depends on the week. Since we didn't have many playgroup activities this week, I thought she'd enjoy the time and she did. She loves picking out new books. This morning she woke and immediately had Pete read her two of her library books. I don't think Pete even had the chance to sit up in bed before she had plopped the books on his stomach.

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  1. That's so cute Lyds like to read. Once she starts reading on her own, you'll have to sit thru the same book over, and over, and over; while she reads to you.

    I have no comparison between boys and girls when it comes to how much they move. One of my boys moved all the time, the other I had to poke so he would move. I think he didn't have enough room. LOL

    And I think you look fabulous and you will probably back to your normal size (or smaller) in 6 wks. and then we'll have to break up. ha!