Sunday, December 19, 2010

Six more days!!

     Lydia is using our magnetic Nativity advent calendar as her daily countdown for Christmas. She can tell you exactly how many days are left. She loves doing the calendar every morning. The other night we saw an airplane in the sky and she said, "Mom, what is that? Is it a plane?" I said, "Hmmm, actually I think it's Santa out practicing for Christmas Eve. Look at the flashing red light. That's Rudolph's nose!" She wasn't sure whether to believe me and I wasn't even sure that she had until we were headed to see the Imax Polar Express and she saw it again and said, "Mom, looks there's Santa practicing again!" There is nothing like celebrating Christmas through the eyes of your children.
     Cards have been mailed and the gift-wrapping is finally done. I was up late doing it. My planned outdoor morning run, the first outside run since my injury, was put on hold in favor of a morning nap. Treadmill runs this week, until Thursday, when the holiday break starts. If the weather is kind, I will get an outdoor run before Pete heads off to work that day. The injury is healing and I'm comfortably increasing my distance with each run.
     There isn't much left to do to prepare for Christmas. I am waiting on a few things in the mail, but that's about it. We're having a family lasagna cook-off this year for our Christmas meal. My brother thinks he is going to win, yet he has NEVER made lasagna before. He is a good cook though so it wouldn't surprise me that he could pull out a win...but I'm still holding out for my own win because personally, I think I make the best lasagna ever. In my twenties, my friend Missy and I made lasagna together for a party, and I've been making it the way she does ever since. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

 I am finally back to lifetime weight! Woo hoo for free meetings! Welcome back 130's!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Running update

     I'm running again! My cardio endurance stinks and that will take time to build back, but at least I'm running...a measly two miles. I'll take it and build from there.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A visit with Santa

     Both kids were very excited to see Santa. Jon went right over to him and sat on his lap. When it was time to get his attention for the photo, the photographer rung the bell and called out Jonny's name and he smiled and started clapping. We told Lydia she could tell Santa her top three toys she wanted and she said, "Leapster, an alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning, and a princess castle." 
(Lydia 4 years 10 months, Jonathan 17 months.)

     I ordered a print and a mug of the picture. This is just a grainy version from their webpage. If I wanted to order it to download, they wanted an extra $15  for it. Just silly. Ever since Lyds was a baby, I've had the Santa picture printed on a white coffee mug, so I have a nice set of Christmas mugs started with the kids and Santa.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Snowy Week

      Christmas is just around the corner. It seems to be coming quickly this year. I have just a bit of shopping left to do, and of course, all that gift-wrapping. Christmas cards have been ordered, so as soon as they arrive, I'll send them out. I cut them by 50% this year. It's just a crazy expense and it's probably unnecessary to send 75+ cards out every year.
     The orthopedist didn't find any stress fractures on the x-rays, so he thinks it's muscle strains. He sent me off with a script for Naproxen and physical therapy. I had my PT appointment yesterday and he agrees that it's muscle strains. He heated the lower calf muscle and then did some stretching. He thinks the thigh strain was due to the change in gait the calf strain caused and it threw my knee out of alignment. He thinks that strain will heal as soon as the knee is straighten out so he suggested I get and wear a neoprene knee sleeve for a while to readjust the knee and let the strain heal.  I should be running again by the New Year! Excellent news since 2011 is going to be my Year of Running! 
     Weight Watchers is kicking along. I had an "unofficial" weigh-in last week since I went at 6-days and didn't wait for the new WW week to start. I knew I was going to be out of town for my official day so I went the day before. I forgot they wouldn’t weigh you in "officially" if you do that. I did lose another two at that weigh-in though, so I am down for a total of five. I might go weigh-in today to be "official" and then start next week, back to my regular Sunday meetings. I am sure I am back at my lifetime weight, which means free meetings again. Yippee! 
     As you can see, the sweet husband planned a romantic overnight to the place he proposed to me. He's such a good husband. I was so surprised when he called me to tell me he booked the weekend. I have no complaints about this guy. I seriously think he could write a "Good Husband" manual. Really.
     We have had some record snowfall this week. It has caused havoc for morning and evening commutes and even caused several school closings...except for the school where I teach.  All three snowy days we were opened. From  News 9 website (Dec. 8): "Since then, flakes have flown for just about every hour, and in this long duration event, we've surpassed 43.2" of snowfall for the storm in Syracuse through midnight.  This rivals the snow we saw in the Blizzard of '66 (42.3") and the Blizzard of '93 (42.9").  With lake effect snow still cranking Wednesday night, we'll easily surpass those hallmark snowstorms in snow totals." Tonight we have a Christmas craft play date. The roads should be back to "non-storm" driving conditions by this afternoon.  I have missed my morning workouts all week because I was secretly hoping for a snow day. It’s back to the gym tomorrow morning! The weather is calling for a respite before the snow is expected to return on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Painted Lady

     Pete planned a romantic weekend to revisit out engagement. 6-years ago. We didn't do much for our 5-year wedding anniversary, so he planned this. He's a great husband.

Pete proposed at Ithaca Falls, right in this spot.

It was a chilly day, now and 6-years ago!

Ithaca Falls

She said, "YES!"

The Painted Lady when it's not covered with snow.
We went to the same restaurant, even the same table! 


     We had a wonderful trip. On our return home we stopped at a few of the winery's along Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. It was so nice to enjoy this quiet time with my husband. Six years ago my life changed and I couldn't imagine anything better.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

There is snow in the North Pole!

     Thanksgiving was perfect! Great food, fantastic company. The leftovers have been frozen and I even have turkey soup to spare. We'll have some nice soup dinners for a quick weeknight meal....defrost the soup and add a few crusty rolls. What could be easier? The classroom feast was a success. The pies were questionable, but the rest of the food came out perfectly!
    The house is all decorated, inside and out. Lydia was super excited to have our outside lights done. We've been driving through the neighborhood to check out the lights the past few weeks, and now ours is done too. We put the tree up last weekend as well. We are decked for the holidays!
    Last week we finally got to do Lights on the Lake. The first walk-through night it rained. The second night was dry and very windy but both kids were really into all of the lights. We also went on a Polar Express train ride. It was magical! Lyds asked if the North Pole would have snow and I told her it might be too early for snow, even at the North Pole. Well, we didn't have snow at home, or even at the train station...but as we progressed toward the North Pole, there was snow!! (Thank you weather gods.) It was perfect! I thought Jonny was a bit young, so he stayed with grandma. That in itself excited Lydia. She's been a bit jealous of her brother since he's been getting loads of attention for his walking. Yes, Jon is finally walking!! He seemed to really get the hang of it on Thanksgiving Day, and has really taken off with it!
      I finally called and have an orthopedic appointment set for Thursday to find out what might be going on with my leg pain. I would love to start running again. I miss it. Weight Watchers is going well. I had a 3 pound loss the first week and no loss this past week. As long as it's not a gain through the holiday season, I'll be happy. I do think I might be lucky for a small loss this week, unless I ravage the cookie bin between now and Saturday.