Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grouchy Pants

     Lyds was a bit grouchy yesterday so we never did make our plans of the duck pond and ice cream. She is testing a lot lately. Strangely and thankfully she really only had one major meltdown while we were in Florida. (I really do need to get my act together and get some vacation photos posted.) Yesterday was just one big meltdown that never went away, not even with a 3-hour nap. My sanity was saved by the 3-hour nap and I even got my house cleaned. We did nothing else though, which is a shame, because yesterday was a great day to go out and do something.
     Today I have a mommy's group brunch--a kidless and husbandless brunch. A happy mommy time! Too bad I can't enjoy a couple of mimosas. This particular mommy group is phenomenal. The organizer of the group takes our $10 annual dues and makes them work like no other. The group puts on a Halloween party, a Christmas party, an Easter party, and this year she's adding a Mother's Appreciation Brunch. We have a fund-raiser, selling the Taste of Syracuse books around the holiday time, plus she has group garage sale--you donate things to sell. For the brunch I believe she went and got a few sponsors as well as people to donate baskets to be raffled--and she has some GREAT baskets donated. I plan on putting at least $25 toward the raffles. All the raffle money will be put back into the group fund. I try to do my part and host a play date at the house once or twice a month. I wish I had more time to help with the organization of these events, but I don't, so I try to show my support of the group by donating when I can and offering play dates. Lydia really loves those play dates too. She has turned into such a little hostess! This morning she actually asked if she was having a play date this week. So far our only plan for this week is an art class at Shades of Orange. (and yep--this is a mommy group event.) She really does love all the activities we do. A typical response when I pick her up from daycare is, "Where are we going today Mommy?"
     We're missing church today since it runs into brunch time. I thought we might try to go to the earlier service but I didn't have the energy to get up and going for an 8:30 service. Pete is still sleeping at the moment and I currently have a naked princess (princess shoes, tiara, and boa only) running through my house. We were going to church in DeWitt and while I loved that church, I already make that drive to DeWitt 5-days a week, so I was in search for something closer to home. We did find a church--about 5-minutes away from our house that we like. It is a mix of the church I grew up in and the DeWitt church, so it's certainly comfortable for me. Pete is Orthodox, although he's non-practicing. His family didn't really do the church thing other than the cultural connection to the Macedonian community it brings them--but they didn't attend a regular Sunday service. So every Sunday--mostly anyway, we go to church as a family. It's been great for Lyds--because this year she is out of the "baby room" and into the pre-school room where they actually have a Sunday School lesson. On Palm Sunday she sung with the Sunday School choir. She was quite hysterical and kept trying to steal the microphone off the stand. I have a few (very dark) photos of it...and one video. I didn't realize I had such a performer on my hands. I always knew she was particularly outgoing, but I didn't expect the performance I saw!!

     I think, depending on the cute girl's behavior, we may try to go out and do something with her after my brunch--perhaps we will actually try getting to the duck pond and out for ice cream this afternoon...


  1. Too cute..Tanner is rocking to the video.I can't see her shoes..

  2. she wore the pink and white ones i already had. :)