Monday, June 1, 2009

An eventful day

     Yesterday I relaxed and gave myself a ton of down time since I was so busy on Saturday. Ha. I seriously think my longest walk on Sunday was from the couch to the bathroom. I was having some contractions, presumably braxton hicks--so figuring I overdid Saturday, I was a good girl and rested. Mom, you would have been proud. ;)
     I went to work today and noticed them again while I was teaching first period. I planted my tush in my chair as much as I could for the rest of the day. I was still feeling crampy and icky with a lot back pain. I called Pete on my way home from work and he asked if I had called the doctor. Of course I didn't. Generally I am an under reactor when it comes to myself-- seriously thinking it was just the braxton hicks so why bother going in to see the doctor? I did end up calling, only because I really don't remember anything like this with Lyds and with Pete's questioning, now I wanted to be sure. I explained my symptoms to the nurse in my OB's office who told me to head to the hospital to be monitored to make sure it wasn't serious. I picked up Lyds and dropped her off at Pete's parents, where Pete met me, and then we headed up to the hospital.
     They monitored me for a while and my contractions ended up being 1-3 minutes apart. The good news was, I wasn't dilated or effaced and other than the contractions, everything else was looking good. With the help of some terbutaline, the contractions were under control by 9pm and I could head home. I was told to take the day off to rest and to call my OB in the morning to see what they recommended as the next step. And here we are. I think I'm finally tired enough to head to bed now. I'll update again after I talk to the OB tomorrow.


  1. Carrie,
    I loved this post! And the picture, too cute, hehe.
    Glad you are well and that the doctors spend some good time taking care of you.
    Wishing you rest and relaxation darling!

    See you soon ~ Sally

  2. Glad that this is over. just 12-days left to go now!