Monday, January 11, 2010


     I'm working on the holiday blog entry, little by little. I will eventually get it posted. In the meantime, things are well in the Bojlevski household.
     Pete is getting his fly fishing in every few weeks. This past weekend, he went out snowmobiling and met up with some friends. It was his first ride of the year. The nagging wife likes him to call every two hours, just so I know he's safe. He rejoined the gym so he can go on his lunch hour and he still plays on the soccer league once a week.
     Lydia is still testing us as much as she can. She has a fierce temper and seems to be caught in between the wanting help and NOT wanting help stage. We can never win because you just don't know which way it will go on any given day. She is starting her second round of ballet classes and we have added tap class this time as well. She is thrilled to be starting tap. Her first class is tonight. She is loving pre-school and is known by the teachers as "Julie the cruise director." She is a little socialite.
     Jonny is cooing up a storm. I imagine he'll be a talker just like Lydia. He has a very calm disposition and seems to take everything in stride. He is an excellent sleeper and not much will make him cry, excluding the occasional startle by Lydia. Her brother does love her though and she can get him laughing right from the belly.
     I am readjusting to work after being spoiled with a week and a half off with the kids. I'm still getting to the gym most mornings for my wee hour workout. Just this week I seem to have hit my running stride again. It was rough getting back into it and this week I finally decided I needed to "buck up buttercup" and just let go of the walk breaks. I was just being wimpy. Not to say it isn't difficult because by no means is running easy yet. I'm back to tracking points for Weight Watchers. Ideally, I'd like to lose the last of this weight by my 39th birthday, a mere nine weeks away. It might be pushing it, but if I am diligent with the workouts and counting points, I might be pretty darn close to goal. I'm 18 pounds away. I held pretty steady over the holidays-- no weight loss, but no significant weight gain either.
     We are back to life after the holidays. Lydia has dance classes, daddy has soccer, mommy and the kids enjoy their afternoon play dates, and mommy also enjoys an evening with her girlfriends here and there. Mommy and daddy also seem to sneak in a date once in a while. Things are good in the Bojlevski household.