Thursday, April 29, 2010

He passed!

He passed his exam today! One down, one to go! 
Congratulations Pete!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Nancy!


     That's my teaching assistant. We celebrated her 60th birthday earlier this April. I made her wear a red hat for the "Red Hat Society." I've been working with her since February 1998. She certainly earned the surprise party I planned for her. I invited her husband, which she didn't expect. Nancy was truly surprised!
     Jonny is now the proud owner of six teeth! WOW! His two eyeteeth have finally broken through and have given him some relief from the teething pain. Lydia is testing some new limits and has seemed to enter the dramatic temper tantrum stage. The drama from last night could have earned her an Academy Award! Perhaps I should have signed her up for drama instead of tumbling!
    We had a nice Easter weekend. I'm really enjoy the holidays and love being able to experience them through a 4 year old's eyes. It's magical. I made homemade pierogis and bought some real kielbasa from Park Ave. There is nothing like good kielbasa. Actually, between then and now, Pete found a local deli that sells the same exact kielbasa right up the road from us! It will be easier to get than I thought!
     After that nice bout of warm weather in early April, it's been a whirlwind of weather ever since. Warm days, cold days, windy days, rainy days. It even snowed for a few minutes on Wednesday this week! It's been crazy weather!
     I'm hosting a Couch to 5k meetup with my mommy group. We're meeting twice a week. It's very similar to the Learn to Run clinic that I took a couple years ago using run/walk intervals and gradually building up the running interval, until you are able to run for 30 minutes. The girls seem to be enjoying it thus far and it's nice to get out and run with them a couple times a week. I also just started running with a PE teacher I work with. She has a small group of girls that run after school twice a week. They're not very fast, which is perfect for my turtle running pace and it was nice to run the whole time, minus the big hill that's on their route. 
     My diet has changed significantly in the past few weeks. I've been doing some reading and information gathering on "Clean Eating." I also watched the documentary Food Inc. that has forever changed the way that I view the meat industry.  It's amazing and if you haven't watched it yet, you should. I have some books from the library on clean eating, as well as some more books on our food system (how it's processed, factory farming, etc.). The librarian must think I'm a nut, or possibly studying extensively to be some sort of nutritionist! If I ever decided to change professions, I'm sure it wouldn't surprise anyone that I would pick something in nutrition or fitness.
     Pete has been studying for the past few weeks to for his Federal and State Mortgage Broker tests. They have established new guidelines and now the brokers must take and pass these exams to maintain their license. He has one test tomorrow and the other next week. Good luck honey!