Monday, February 15, 2010

Undiscovered Talents

     It was a great weekend! It started at 6am on Saturday when on a whim decided to try on a pair of size 6 Levi's from the "skinny clothes" bins being stored in the basement. I honestly didn't expect them to fit comfortably but they did! 
     From there, wearing the skinny jeans, I got on the road to head to PA to visit some friends. Outside of being run off the road by a crazy driver in a Coca Cola van, the drive was uneventful and boring. I spent the day with friends visiting Hershey's Chocolate World and the Chocolate Lab where I became a master truffle maker. We went to dinner and oddly enough, it was my salad that took the longest to make. Who knew? Everyone was just about finished with their dinner before my salad even made it to the table. An evening of chatting and Wii games ensued. I found out that I am not only master truffle maker, but I am also the champion at the Wii beanbag toss game. I had no idea that I had so many undiscovered talents.
     After breakfast on Sunday, I headed home for a family Valentine's Day. We had our traditional Valentine pizza dinner. Lydia was born a week before Valentine's Day so that year we just stayed home, ordered pizza, and rented a movie. That has since become our annual tradition and I think it will continue until the kids are old enough to start complaining about it because they would rather be on their own dates.
     This week is February break, so we're home. Pete is working, but I'm home with the kids. Lydia is going for just the preschool hours this week. We have to pay for it regardless, she enjoys it, and it gives me a couple of hours each morning with Jonny. I don't get much alone time with him, so this is nice. We have no big plans this week, other than an afternoon play date at the house tomorrow. It should be a relaxing week.

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  1. You did not share that the jeans fit Saturday! Silly woman. :-) Yes, you were the master of the bean bag toss. Now you need to get Wii.

    It was fabulous seeing you this weekend! So glad you made the trip!!