Monday, February 22, 2010

The busyness returns

    I've been able to stick closely to the food end of the Self Challenge, but the gym time is escaping me. I didn't allow myself enough time to get to the gym on Saturday and Sunday a cold caught up with me. Jonny has a mild case of bronchitis and I decided I had better get him into the doctor, Sunday morning. This morning, I got to the gym but only managed 25 minutes before the cold medication and vitamin decided they didn't like to be combined together on an empty stomach. Dummy Carrie. Tomorrow, I'll be smarter and eat something before doing that again.
   We had a fun weekend.  It was a nice way to end the relaxing school break. Saturday we headed to The Children's Play Museum in Utica. Lyds had a blast. She took a long nap on the way home, even though she'll tell you she just "rested her eyes." That evening we went to a sledding party thrown by one of my girlfriends. Lydia was very perplexed that we were going to be sledding in the dark.  Daddy took her out on the hill while Mommy stayed inside with Jonny. She lasted about 30 minutes and lost her glove and came inside to eat the yummy party food. I made a nice fruit parfait. I wanted to make something healthy and on plan. The parfait was yummy and Lyds liked eating it as much as she liked making it with me.
     Tonight Lydia has dance class and tomorrow we're having a play date at the house. The regular busy schedule is back in full force!

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  1. That is a busy schedule, but it all sounds like fun things. That's what makes busy schedules good, fun stuff with people you love. :-)