Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tracy's visit to New York

     My sister and her kids came for a visit (from Wasilla, Alaska) five days after Jonathan was born. I do have some pictures to share--these are from mom and Tracy's cameras because I haven't uploaded the photos off my camera yet. I haven't seen my sister or the kids in three years so I was really looking forward to their visit. Thankfully I had a great recovery with Jon so it was easy to get around and do things with them. It was a whirlwind of activity but it was thoroughly enjoyable. They are planning on coming home for another visit in two years and we're thinking of renting a camp on Lake Ontario to relive some of our awesome childhood memories camping on the lake. 
Visiting at mom's house
Jessie and Jonathan
Jessie fell in love with Jon and made her think she wanted a million babies, however, Lydia's constant activity quickly made her rethink that idea!
Ava and Jon
Ava and Jon share the same birthday. Ava turned two this year!
 Ava and Jessie
Ava and Tracy 
A visit at my house
Jessie brought her best friend Chance.
Chance and Lydia became fast friends.
Grandma Group and Jon
Jonathan Petar
A visit at Aunt Andrea and Uncle George's house
Amelia and Dustin
Amelia loved her cousin Dustin and rarely left his side! 
Gram and her grandchildren--Carrie, John, Gram, Jean, Tracy (missing Rudy)
This is a rare occasion---ALL the great grandchildren with Gram Osuchowski.
Ava, Amelia, Dustin and Paul, Gram, Jessie and Jon, Joe, Lydia 
The oldest great grandchildren holding the youngest.
Dustin and Paul, Gram, Jessie and Jon 
Paul, my cousin Jean's son. He was born the week before Jonathan.
Ava and Joe (cousin Jean's son)
Joe was born two months after Lydia. You would have thought Jean and I planned both our pregnancies together but we didn't!
Tracy and Jonny 
Jessie is taking guitar lessons. She's having a jam session with Uncle George.
Ava's 2nd birthday party
Gram Group and Ava
Lydia and Ava

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