Thursday, September 10, 2009

just do it

     On Monday (Happy Labor Day), we went to Fillmore Glen State Park.  There is nothing like hiking up a steep incline at a gorge with a baby in a chest carrier. It kicked my tush! My butt and legs felt like they might fall off after the hike. It was a great workout. Lyds loved hiking and exploring! She said she is exercising like mommy. It's nice to know I am instilling healthy habits in my daughter. When I run on the treadmill, she calls it "running in place" and often asks me, "Are you going to run in place today mommy?"
     I'm finally running again. Just a few short walk breaks here and there but yeah, thankfully, I am full on running. I'm not up to speed yet, but it's getting there and I don't feel like death warmed over when I'm doing it. So while losing the baby weight is daunting, I am very glad that running came back so easily.
     I found a boot camp class and I have a few friends interested in doing it with me. The boot camp is new to the area and running a free two-week trial for their classes. The free classes are at 6am. It looks like the other location also has evening classes--and one is at 4:30pm so perhaps I can give that a swing when I return to work.

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