Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boot Camp



   I have the boot camp orientation today for the free 2-week trial that's starting on Monday. It's free. It might be at 6:00am, but it's free, so why not do it? I will admit that I am a little crazy with my wee hour workouts but it's what works best for me. I lack consistency with afternoon and evening workouts, unless I'm meeting a friend for a class, only then do I follow through. Otherwise, I want to leave work and go see my kids. It will be interesting to see how everything pans out when I return to work in November. Instead of going to the gym, I decided to invest in a decent treadmill and some weights so I can get my workout in before work and still be home to help Pete get the kids ready for the day. We're still going to keep the gym membership because for both of us, it's only $19.00. It can't be beat. I have a friend who teaches classes at the gym and another friend who said they'd go to a class with me. I'd like to catch a class or two during the week, just to mix it up a little. We'll have to see how it all goes. If I find I don't do it, I'll cancel the membership. I do have two friends meeting me for the boot camp wee hour classes. One is from Lydia and Jon's playgroup and another is a blast from the past from Facebook! It's funny how Facebook can bring people back together. If anyone wonders where my motivation comes from, it's a drive to fit into more work clothes when November rolls around. I'd rather not need to shop for clothes that I'll only need for a month or two. 
     Weight Watchers is going well. The scale continues to move in the right direction. I've been diligent with my tracking. My newest food of choice is roasted red peppers or pepadews with hummus on a pita. Yesterday I made a really good veggie sandwich with hummus on a flatbread. Yum! This week is chicken week in the Bojlevski household. I found a few chicken recipes I want to make from Hungry Girl.  Last night I made chicken cordon bleu and a garden salad with homemade low fat caesar dressing.
     Lydia had a great time at the festival. She enjoyed the horse trail ride, wagon ride, and petting zoo the best. Jonny slept the whole time in the front chest carrier. I really do need to upload those photos off the camera. We have a few cut ones of Lyds on a white horse! "My favorite horse," she said. 
     Last weekend we went to Harvest Fest at Beaver Lake Nature Center.  The food selection was awesome even though Pete didn't like waiting in the long lines. I decided I wanted a falafel pita, which of course had the longest lines. Pete was so annoyed he decided to order a gyro so he didn't have to wait in another line!  
     Lydia is back in Sunday School. I'm glad she enjoys it. Jonathan's baptism is in November and I asked my cousin Jean to be the godmother. As we did for Lydia, we are baptizing Orthodox, even though we attend a Methodist church. I really don't mind since it's all under the Holy Trinity. The Orthodox baptism a cultural rich baptism and involves a bit more than the typical protestant baptism.
     Lydia's behavior continues to be so-so. She is good about taking her new "quiet time hours." I started those when she wouldn't take a nap anymore. I found I still need my sanity so an hour of quiet times gives me that. I am finding that about 50% of the time the quiet time does actually turn into a nap for her. I'll go check on her and find her sleeping in her bed.
     This weekend Pete is working a fly fishing seminar for disabled veterns. He is really looking forward to the experience. He will forever be a nut about his fly fishing. It's his passion. The other week he took Lyds fishing and bought her a new pole. Lyds had a blast catching sunfish.  I do think that Pete had more fun than Lyds though. He was so excited that she enjoys fishing. Hopefully she doesn't outgrow that. 
     Off to upload some photos. I have photos from July on the camera!

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