Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jonny's not going away

     Good news for me. I've extended my maternity leave until the end of October! It gives me a few more weeks home and that makes me happy. 
     Lydia's behavior is still testy. The utopia of new baby brother has worn off and for a couple of weeks some jealously must have kicked in because her behavior was out of this world, naughty like she's never been naughty before. It was a rough period. I think we are now entering the period of "Jonny's not going away so I might as well get used to it." She still has her naughty moments, but not nearly as bad, and she is much quicker to reign herself back in. The terrible three's and competition of a new baby brother makes for a crazed mama. Please ignore all the wine bottles in my recycling bin. (kidding)
     I'm back to rockin' the Weight Watchers. I hope that I'll see some good results again. I was nervous the chocolate chip cookies mom sent home the other day would derail me, but Petar was quick on the draw so I didn't even have a chance.  Thanks Pete. I did manage to score two to make a small cookie ice cream sandwich, which was very yummy.
     My running continues to improve. I love my new treadmill. Sometimes Lydia likes to come down when I am running on the treadmill so she can have a turn. Yesterday morning while Lyds was getting her morning treadmill walk she asked, "Mom, did you buy this treadmill at the store?" I said, "Yep." She replied, "It must have been a pretty big bag!"


  1. She is hilarious! Love that picture! You look fab by the way, no need for WW...I know, skinny. Still looking for those pants for you by the way.

  2. Knock it off. 30 pounds woman. 30 pounds.