Monday, September 28, 2009


     The boot camp class is kicking my tush. My legs are feeling it. It is whipping my muscles back into shape! I couldn't even run last week--that's how sore I was.     
     Lydia is registered for ballet class through the town parks and recreation department. She is very excited about it.  I tried showing her a few ballet stances and she didn't quite get them. She is less than graceful, much like her mom. Perhaps I should have signed her up for tap class instead! Her class starts in a couple of weeks.     
     I've been listing my maternity clothes and Lyds outgrown clothing on EBay and I'm getting some good hits. I was thinking I wouldn't be doing the boot camp class after the free trial period, but I'm rethinking that idea. My eBay sales can pay for a month of class before I return to work.     
     Pete's mom showed me how she jars her roasted red peppers. Yum. I LOVE her roasted peppers. They are so very good. My new favorite meal is a pita with hummus and her roasted red peppers on top.  I think I could eat that everyday. Next, I need to have her show me how she makes her stuffed peppers. They are different from any stuffed pepper that I've ever had and I really need to learn how to make them myself.    
     Fall is here and so is the rain! The weather has really been hindering my plans to go apple and pumpkin picking. I hope that we can do one or both at some point this week, but so far all I see is rain in the forecast! Lydia wants to be The Little Mermaid for Halloween. She said that Jon should be Flounder (The Little Mermaid's sidekick fish friend). Sadly, the cheapest Flounder costume I've found is $49.99! Perhaps I should get my autumn and Halloween decorations out on this very rainy autumn day...

(Photo: The Bojlevski Pirate Family, October 2008)

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