Friday, March 26, 2010

Our house is a very, very fine house

     Happy Spring! We had some nice weather recently, however, I am going to ignore that my car thermometer said 28 degrees this morning. There's no snow and it will warm up again. Right outside my window, I see a tree with some green buds just starting to show. Spring is near, despite the cold today.
     Self Challenge: I'm back on track and going strong this week. I had a very lenient last week, with all the birthday celebrating going on...
     ...and what a great birthday it was! I am happily 39, content with where I am in my life. My thirties have been very good to me. The first couple years were rough but led me to a great crossroads in my life. Some good things resulted from some the bad, and for that I am thankful for the lessons I learned. It led me to my wonderful husband, with two healthy and spunky kids, living in a nice home in the suburbs. I think the only thing we're missing is two cats in the yard. Frankly, I've always asked why two cats would be in the yard anyway? The lyrics to that song should be kids, and those I have. :)
     Lydia has decided that ballet AND tap were too much. She said she was "tired" and only wanted to do ballet. The next session for ballet is full so we're going to try a tumbling class instead. If she likes tumbling, we'll stick to that, otherwise, we'll go back to ballet, and I'll make sure we get registered early enough this time!
     Jonathan is the proud owner of four teeth now. I think he's grown a few inches too. It truly seems like he added a couple of inches overnight. Last night Pete and I were marveling at how long he is now. We swore he was going to jump his way right out of his jumperoo. He is making a lot of sounds, discovering squeals and screeches. He even does this fake cough that he thinks is pretty hysterical.
     Easter is around the corner so the Easter festivities have begun. I still have to get the house decorated this weekend. Lyds is very impressed that the "Easter Bunny comes at night, when we are sleeping, just like Santa!" This evening we have a mommy group Easter party at one of the bouncy places. Bouncing, pizza, and an Easter egg hunt. What could be more fun? Tomorrow we have another egg hunt at one of the local parks. Hopefully it warms up a bit for it. Lydia also has a "Safety First" (stranger danger) seminar to go to. She is one busy girl.

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