Saturday, March 13, 2010

Next weeks project

     I think I found a project for myself in the next week. I have the perfect wall in the kitchen, with a great view from the family playroom to make this great chalkboard! Lyds, and eventually Jon, will just love this. I like the chair rail boarder too. This is a fun blog to follow too. She has some really creative home projects!


  1. oh wow!
    thanks for the shout out. i appreciate it!

    it was pretty easy to do. our house is really old - so our walls are not straight. i failed to mention we used caulk around the molding to give it a finished look. just fyi. i always forget to put something in a post.
    good luck! you better send me a pic of yours' when you finish!

    hey, i'm following you on twitter now!

  2. If we have kids, I so want to do the chalk board paint on their walls. Who says you can't write on the walls as a kid? ;-)