Friday, March 5, 2010

29 for the next 20 years

     Good lord this has been a long week. I was going to say, "Another week gone," thinking that I hadn't written since last week (excluding the photography entries), but it's only been three days.  I guess that must mean it really has felt like a long week.
     Self Challenge: Still going strong. I'm logging my food and workouts. I need to get my mornings together and get to the gym earlier so I can include the strength training. I'm having trouble getting my strength in because I'm only getting to the gym early enough to include my one hour of cardio. My food has been mostly good. I'm staying on track better than I had been. I think this challenge was the kick in the pants I needed to lose the final weight. 
     Jonny: Still teething like a mad, cranky babe. 
     Lydia: Still wants to be 16. "Mom, when I’m 16 I can take a school bus, but that's a long, long time away." She said this as she spotted a yellow school bus on the drive to preschool. I had to giggle to myself because I'm thinking, "When you're 16, you won't want to take the school bus anymore because you'll want to drive." Lydia wants to picnic in the park this weekend. Yes, she wants to picnic in the snow. I'm thinking we'll have to find a compromise. Eating in the snow does not appeal to me. Perhaps I can convince her, a picnic in the family room, to be good enough.
     Petar: Going snowmobiling this weekend. Hopefully it stays cold enough so the snow doesn't melt on him.
     Me: I have another "Mom's Night Out" tonight! Guitar Hero. Ha. That should be a funny sight. I'll have to remember to get a photo or two. I am not musically inclined and I will pretty much stink at it. Four of the girls I usually hang out with will be going. It should be a fun night! 
     I had an eye exam earlier this week. I have a new prescription so I ordered a new pair of glasses and sunglasses. I was really ready for new style sunglasses so I'm excited. They're ready to pick up today. I'll have to take a few pictures of the new glasses. They actually told me I needed a mild bifocal for reading. Yikes. They did say that I could wait on it since it is so mild so I did. Boy, do no-line bifocals add to the cost of your lenses! They want to see me every year now, instead of every two.
     We have an incredibly busy week next week~ dance, car appointment, pediatrician for shots, a play date, and a hair appointment and massage (my birthday gift). 12 more days until my birthday. I think I'm the only one my age that still acts like they're two when it comes to their birthday...and I'll be 39 this year. Happily, I am not someone that turns 29 for the next 20 years.

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