Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where's Jonny?


    I am still meeting Rosy and Becky at the gym in the wee hour. We take spin on Monday and Wednesday mornings. We are meeting Monday through Friday and then when we can on the weekend. It's going well. It will be interesting to see how the morning routine goes when I return to work next week. Yes, NEXT WEEK. My maternity leave is just about over.
     I've been getting creative with my food. I'm still scarfing the hummus and roasted red peppers. Yum. I also tried baking my own corn tortilla chips. I took some corn tortillas and baked them with a mist spray of oil and a sprinkle of salt. One shell is 50 calories, which makes eight baked chips. Perfect WW chips if I do say so myself. I tried them with some roasted pepper hummus, mixed with just a bit of pepadew bruchetta. An excellent two-point snack. They taste so much better than the baked tortilla chips you buy in the store.
     Last week I had the stitches removed from two mole biopsies.  One of the moles removed (on my torso) was dysplastic nevus, so I have to watch the site and continue with my annual derm scans. If the pigment reappears in the area, I'll have to go in and have it checked again. Basically dysplastic nevi means that I would be more prone to skin cancer, so I guess it is a good thing that I started my annual dermatologist skin scans a few years ago. So aside from my vain attempt at avoiding any more wrinkles, it's one more reason to wear sunscreen and not have a tan.
     The kids and I are busy doing Halloween things with the mommy group. We hosted our own Halloween play date last week. Lyds trashed her Cinderella dress so she had to wear something else to the library Halloween event we went to last weekend. I did get the dressed cleaned though so she'll be able to wear it on Halloween, unless she decides to wear one of her Ariel dresses from her dress up drawer. Jon is going to be a cow, which got a great response at the library! What was even funnier is Jon was still a cow when we decided to go have lunch in a burger joint down the road from the library. 
     Pete has been getting some fishing in here and there. Last Sunday was apparently a very successful fishing day for him. I told him that if he wasn't catch and release, we could save a ton of money on the tilapia we buy! 

Here are a few photos of the kids~
Where's Jonny? This was Lydia's doing once morning.

The pie Lyds and I baked for Pete

Pumpkin picking at Tim's Pumpkin Patch

Pete and Lyds at the patch

Jonny, October 2009

Lydia, a proud big sister


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