Friday, October 9, 2009


     Another pound bites the dust. Slow and steady. We are at minus 17,  and just 25 more to go.
     Zumba was hysterical. I like it because everyone looks like they are just flailing around as we try to keep up with the instructor. In that regard, I'm not alone. I only noticed a couple of people that were actually good at it. I hate it because it goes so fast that it's hard to learn the routine, unlike other classes, that have a bunch of repetitive moves. While I'm not great at step, I feel much less inept at it after taking that zumba class! I'll go back for more torture and flailing. I also met my two girlfriends at the gym this morning. After the zumba class, I convinced them to meet me the next morning for a wee hour (5am) workout. Rosy wants to try the cardio kick class Monday night but I think I might want to try to convince her to do the 5:30am spinning class with me instead. Once again, I am a spinning virgin and would like someone to laugh with as I fall off the bike during class.
     I went for my annual skin scan at the dermatologist. I had two moles removed. One that just bothered me and the other, the dermatologist thought looked irregular and wanted it biopsied. She thinks it's probably just dysplastic, but thought we ought to get it biopsied to be sure. She said she'll call me either way, sometime in the next two weeks.
     We have a busy weekend ahead-- mostly fun things though with the exception of the cleaning of the garage. I'm getting some girlfriend time in--a get together tonight and possibly seeing an out of town friend on Saturday. Pete is going to get some fishing in while I bring Lyds to a friend's birthday party. There's also a pumpkin pancake breakfast at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Yummy. Mom is having us over for dinner, which Lyds is very excited about. She wanted to go today and couldn't seem to wrap her head around the fact that grandma wasn't home and was at work.
     Jon is doing well. He rolled over from his tummy to his back the other day. I thought it was just a fluke so I put him back on his tummy and he did it again. He's also sleeping really well and only wakes around 4am for a feeding. That will actually work out really well when I return to work!
     My eBay sales have been doing great! I'm selling my maternity and some of Lyds outgrown clothes. I actually had to go buy a postal scale to be more accurate with my shipments. I was off an ounce on one package and the darn thing ended up costing me more to reship than I made on the item. Live and learn. I guess I shouldn't have relied on the accuracy of a scale not meant for postal weighing. It's so easy to sell on eBay. I just order my free Priority Mail boxes right from USPS site and they ship them right to my door. I can print the postage label at home, and then arrange for the mail person to pick up the packages the next day. I don't even have to leave my house! Easy peasy.

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