Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

     On Saturday we went pumpkin picking at Tim's Pumpkin Patch. Lydia had a great time. Jon slept through the whole thing! I had him prepped and explained all about those big orange things we were going to go pick and the little guy was only awake for the last 5-minutes of our adventure. I was able to get my pumpkin funnel cake. It's so good and shouldn't ever be passed up if you ever make it to Tim's. Even though it looks like I am the only one eating it, I did have a little help from Lyds and Pete! Jonathan was awake for the park on our way home. Marcellus has a great park so we made a stop before going home. Jon had his first ride on a swing. Lydie had a great time running, climbing, sliding, and swinging. She is an active little girl!

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