Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's October!

     My physical goal for the month of October is to exercise for 31 days in a row. I haven't committed to a solid month of exercise in a long time. Now seems to be the perfect time. On the weekends, I get too lazy to exercise. I hope that this commitment can solve that problem.
     And just to share--I have TWO massages scheduled for October. One is at my new hair salon. They have a new massage therapist and are offering $45 one-hour massages this month. The other one-hour was from another massage place I frequent and I received a "member appreciation" coupon for a $45 one-hour massage. It expires at the end of October. Pete will be like WTF, but really, I just can't pass up the opportunity to spend $45 for a one-hour massage. We're just going to ignore that I'm spending $90 plus tips on massages that I don't really need. I am sure that Pete will negotiate a weekend of fly-fishing out of this and I'll of course say yes. We work so well together. I'm happy and he's happy. Good times.
     Pete had a physical this morning and they found a lump in his boy parts. He has a sonogram set up for tomorrow morning. He also should lose about 20 pounds. I told him we can "race" to see who can lose the weight first. I have 30 and he has 20, and we can both win with healthier, better bodies. Other than that, everything is in check health wise for the both of us. We are generally lucky in that respect and I hope that luck continues to follow us. We have been blessed and I do remember to thank God for that on a regular basis. I’ll also say a little extra prayer tonight that everything checks out well for Pete. If any of you pray, I’m thinking a few extra prayers out there couldn’t hurt.
(photo: Pete's 37th birthday, July 2009)


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