Wednesday, October 14, 2009


     I took two spin classes this week-- one Monday wee hour and then today's wee hour. My arse was killin' me after the class on Monday. It felt bruised. The start of this morning's spin class was painful but then I think my butt numbed right up and I was able to get through the rest of the class. I like spinning much better than I liked zumba. Rosy and Becky seem to be enjoying the wee hour so hopefully that will work out when I return to work. It will be nice to have some gym buddies again. I really enjoyed it back in the day when I would meet Amy at the gym.
     Our daycare situation has changed and we're changing to a home daycare, saving us a BIG chunk of change. A wife of Pete's co-worker will be watching Lydia and Jon. She also watches one other little one--the daughter of one of Pete's co-workers. Since Lyds won't be at the center anymore, I'll have to look into getting her into pre-school a couple days a week. She really loves "school" so her missing that part of the daycare center really breaks my heart. I'm not worried about the social piece because she has dance class and we'll continue our gazillion play dates we always do. This new arrangement also makes my morning commute much easier since the sitter is only 5-minutes away. I may even be able to get to the gym for wee hour when I go back to work. We'll have to see how the morning goes with two kids though. My treadmill won't get dusty. I'll still be using that on the weekends and the days I can't make it to the gym.
     So far, I'm doing well with my workouts for the month of October. I did miss two workout days, but I'll be making one of them up with our afternoon walk today. The exercise commitment I made is making me get back into my workout groove. Meeting the girls at the gym is helping too!
    Yesterday we took gram to lunch. Lyds was a handful and she always seems to know when to get me too-- when I'm feeding Jon. Lydia is certainly more work than Jon is these days!
     Our new Sit N Stand Plus stroller was delivered this morning so we're going to take it out for a walk in just a bit. Lydie is super excited to go try it out! It was easy to put together and is compact. I'm guessing it's about a foot longer than our single stroller is. Pete's sister gave us her old double jogger but that is honkin' huge and I wanted something that I can keep in back of the Rav4. We can use the jogger for trail walks but it's just not convenient to keep in the trunk for everyday use. I can pull the sit n stand right from the trunk and pop it opened with one hand--a very nice feature. I'll let you know how it pushes after our test-drive walk.
     We have a Make-a-Plate activity at the library this afternoon. We're going to meet up with Brenda and Grace. Lyds and Gracie fight like two sisters and seem to enjoy playing together and I love her mom so it should be a nice time.

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