Friday, October 30, 2009

Florida Vacation, April 2009

Day Two~ Magic Kingdom

We arrived at Magic Kingdom on Easter morning. We didn't celebrate it while in Florida though because the Easter bunny came the weekend before so we could enjoy it with our family at home.



 There was a ton of waiting in line.  We had just entered the park and stumbled upon a line for Daisy.



Lyds was in awe of everything. I do think this was the best park out of the parks we visited on our trip.

Several times during the day the Street Party parade makes a showing.



This photo is dark and hard to make out. We're in the Monsters Inc. Comedy Show and that is Lyds and I on the television screen. We "made it" into their comedy skit. It was a funny moment and while I was embarrassed, Lyds was all over the microphone, answering the questions they were asking. She is not a shy child.

We took a nice afternoon break on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

We never did actually get to see Cinderella. I guess she was busy with the Prince that day. We did get to see the mean step-sisters though. Lydia had a blast with these ladies and talked about them over the course of our trip. They really made an impact on her.

Lyds had collected some dry leaves as we were waiting for our turn and one of the step-sisters commented on her "interesting" choice of  flowers.



When in Disney World you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to have Mickey ice cream.

Lyds is practicing the mean step-sister pose.

We're taking a rest in Mickey Mouse's house.



We took a much needed break and rode the Walt Disney World Railroad around the park.





Lydia tried so hard not to fall asleep. She crashed for a while and Pete and I were able to find a table and some shade and enjoyed some quiet time. We didn't leave Lyds in the cage, we swear!!

It's a Small World

Swiss Family Treehouse


Pete and Lyds dancing as we wait for the SpectroMagic light parade.








A thoroughly enjoyed day.

Day Three~ Universal Studios...

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