Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jonny's Baptism

     Sunday was Jonathan's baptism. We did it the big, fat Eastern Orthodox way.  It's a very nice baptismal service but it's highly traditional and longer than the average baptism. We don't attend St. George Church on a regular basis but we did have our wedding at the church, as well as Lydia's baptism. We are practicing Christians and attend Cicero United Methodist Church on a regular basis. I do like the tradition involved in the Orthodox special services but on a weekly basis I will admit prefer a Protestant service as it's more in my comfort zone. For Pete's family, I think the Orthodox Church is what helps keep the Macedonian community together. Many in the older generation immigrated here from Macedonia or Australia and the church is a nice way to keep them connected and their culture alive. I do wonder what will happen to that church because when we do attend a service there, I don't see very many people in our generation attending. Orthodoxy seems to be very cultural rich with each ethnicity having their own Orthodox Church.
     Jon's baptism went well. Jon almost went for a nose dive on his first dunk in the water. Jon is no worse for the wear though and is now officially blessed. Pete's brother Bobby and my cousin Jean were the godparents. I will have pictures to share, someday. It's just finding the time to actually upload them off my camera! Perhaps I can get some posted if mom sends me the link to the photos she took.
     The luncheon was at Bull and Bear Pub. It's owned by Pete's best friend and he did a wonderful job for us. The food was spectacular and it was so nice to not have to worry about anything. I was able to go home to a clean house and I didn't have to do any dishes! That alone was worth the cost. 
     Thank you to all my family and friends who were able to share in Jonathan's baptism with us! We are blessed to have you in our lives.

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