Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy holiday moments

     We've been spending a lot of time with Santa these past couple of weekends. Last weekend we had a photo with Santa (the posted photo) and went to a Polar Express pajama party. Lydia did make it through the whole IMAX Polar Express, which surprised me. This weekend we had our annual mommy group Christmas party. Santa brought gifts for each of the kids. Lydia ended up with a bear from Build A Bear and Jon received a Leapfrog musical toy.
     Today after church, we had breakfast with Santa. We are decked out for the holiday and tomorrow we are baking and frosting cut out cookies. We have a play date at our house on Tuesday---for more cookie fun--this time with all our friends. On Thursday, I'm taking a time out for a much-needed haircut and next weekend entails more Santa time and a Christmas pageant at church.
     We just seem to be going, going, and going. I'm not complaining because we're having a lot of fun filling our time with the holiday festivities! Lyds is too cool for words. I love watching how she is grasping Christmas this year—from Santa to Jesus to helping those in need. She is absorbing it all. The morning after we put up our tree, she was disappointed because she thought Santa was supposed to come. Every night when we light our advent wreath, she asks if we can light the birthday candle for Jesus (the Christ candle). When we went out to get our tree gift, which happened to be a backpack, she decided it was important to tell everyone she was buying a backpack for someone who can’t buy their own. She was very proud putting it under the tree at church this morning. It is certainly fun watching her excitement for Santa, but it’s also been very endearing to watch her learn and understand the other important part of the Christmas season.


  1. What a great photo of the munchkins and Santa. :-) Love it!

    And wonderful that she's learning BOTH sides of Christmas, not just the commercialized side. Don't get me wrong, I love Santa, but there's more to it than that. Lyds is so sweet.

  2. there are soooo many fun moments this time of year. it is all so sweet & goes by waaay too fast.
    enjoy your weekend! & baking :)

  3. another fun weekend...Christmas gathering with some friends and the always lovely church Christmas pageant!!