Friday, November 6, 2009

Crack Houses


     On the way home from preschool Lydia told me she wants to be an architect. I asked her, "What do architects do?" She said, "They make plans for houses, and draw maps, and build houses, and bridges. They fix crack houses." That stopped me dead in my tracks. "What are crack houses," I asked? She replied, “Houses with cracks in them. Broken houses, mom." Like, duh, why didn't I know what crack houses were? 
     Last night we went to Chuck E Cheese. She has been asking to go for weeks. (Damn commercials.) So we went and she had a blast!! Pete is certain we're all going to get swine flu now and I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Lyds had a great time though. I was impressed at how well she figured things out on her own. My baby girl is growing up. 
     Jonny is gassy as all get-out lately and I totally blame that on Pete's genes. Poor little guy. He has gas and poops just like a man. He cracks me up with the little grunt sounds that he makes when pooping. I am convinced Jonny is getting a cold because he's coughing a bit. Pete told me I'm just looking for a way to stay home. Perhaps. At least it's Friday and I have the weekend with my kids. I'm very excited. It's going to be family weekend. No fishing allowed. On Saturday we have family photos (Jonny's 3-month photos) and Sunday is my niece Amelia's birthday party.


  1. OMG is she learning this stuff a day care?
    What a smarty!!

  2. And here I thought Lyds solved the problem OF crack houses. Shesh! Could you get her on that please? SOMEONE'S gotta fix it. ;-)

    Have a great weekend! Sounds lovely.

  3. You know she just wants a little bit of the crack! I bet they do it together at daycare....all of those little kiddies, sitting around with the crack! hahaha
    Silly Lyds!
    - Jamie