Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to work

Emotionally I'm having a harder time this time around than I had with Lyds. This time it's two kids, plus Jon is younger.  I'm carrying around a lump in my chest, missing my kids.  Intellectually I know it will pass with time. I just wish it would get here already. This really stinks. Lalalalala. Four more hours until 3:00.


  1. Week 1 is always the hardest, no matter what it's for. You can do this. You like your job and that will help you get over some of what you're feeling.

    I do hope it passes soon though. It must be an awful feeling. *hug*

  2. It's tough. I'm just not ready to be back to work is all. Eventually it will get easier.

  3. Team Bojo!!!!!!! love it!!!!