Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sprinkle cards

      I used my Target gift cards (from my "sprinkle") for my two diaper genies and some refills, a denim short overall outfit for Jonathan, and a "downstairs diaper basket" to put behind the toilet. I have to meet Pete later today to sign some papers for our refinance, so I'm going to try to hit up Marshall's and use that gift card for some suitable pajamas to wear in the hospital. 
     The OB appointment went well yesterday. I am measuring where I should. The doctor said what happened last Monday was Threatened Preterm Labor. I have a doctor's release from work for the remainder of the school year. She told me 'no sex' because that would probably put me into contractions, but I can start some light activities if I want--to just be careful and monitor myself and make sure I don't overdo it. So based on my activity level this past weekend, I think I can sustain a couple hours a day of actually getting out of the house and seeing the real world. I won't be running a race anytime soon but I think I can manage a calm play date or visit with friends. I have noticed that after an hour or two of light activity, I am certainly ready to sit again because the braxton hicks start to kick in. So far, I've been able to get those under control just by resting. (Yes, mom, I promise I am being careful!)

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