Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Friends

     I am blessed with good friends. A friend had a "cocktail party" and I still decided to go, even being on 'rest duty.' She lives just a few miles from me and I decided that sitting on her couch would be no different from sitting on mine-- except I'll have an evening hanging with some girlfriends. Surprise! Happy Baby Shower to me! It was a lovely evening.

I received my first diaper cake ever, which I learned is a bitch to make. It's so cute and I was very excited to have my very own diaper cake! I typically covet those at baby showers.

I had no idea that they have been planning this for some time. Even my husband knew! That blew me away. Like I said, I am blessed with good friends and consider myself extremely lucky that they are in my life. (Along with my great husband who didn't give the surprise away.)

The cupcakes are from Cakes by Cindi in Liverpool. She is one of the best in the area. She was recommended to me from one of the girls and she is by far the best cake I've ever had. I used her for Lydia's birthday and will be using her for future events that require a cake. If you live in the area, I strongly recommend her. She's only a few dollars more than what a Wegman's cake would cost and the flavor and decoration are far superior.

I received some great gifts! A sassy nighttime outfit, which you'll see a few photos down, the beautiful diaper cake and blue doggie, and then a nice baby photo album filled with gift cards. What an awesome idea! I will use them to get a few things that I need for Jonathan! They certainly will be helpful with those new baby expenses.

They also prepared some fabulous eats. I filled my belly with some yummy food.

Here are my sassy panties.

My fun evening wear, for sometime after the baby...

In my hand is the small photo album filled with gift cards! What a creative idea!

Thank you to my wonderful friends. I think sometimes we forget how blessed with are when we have good friends in our lives. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am!


  1. Wonderful photos and even better friends. The photos show what a great day you must have had. And great job Pete for keeping it a secret!

  2. yeah, they are a great group of ladies!!

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