Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doctors orders

     The orders are to stay off my feet and rest until Monday's OB appointment. I called work to let them know and to work out subbing and all the stuff that goes with the end of the school year. I'm having some grading sent home and a few other things that I can do sitting on my couch. At least it will be something to occupy my mind a bit. My Teaching Assistant is also out for the remainder of the year to take care of some personal matters she needs to tend. It was funny because I had joked with my Assistant Principal that the law of averages would mean that something would happen to me since my TA is out. I totally jinxed myself by saying that. Tsk. Tsk. I called and told him I was creating chaos for him.
     I'm ok with this, other than being bored out of my mind. I think I can do what I need to be done work-wise if Laura (a guidance counselor and friend whom lives near me) can be my runner between work and home. I can get things graded and back to work. I can finish typing my professional growth plan. We do online grading so I can complete and submit my final marking period grades from home. Lori, another TA, used to work in my program and she's in my room today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she can stay there for the remainder of the school year, 8-more school days, since she understands my program and how I teach it. I can also ask her if she can help Carl, a 1:1 TA in my program, close down my room for the summer. A few bookshelves need to be covered, my desk cleared off, and all the desks labeled with our room number, along with a few other things that need to be done.
     We'll see how the next week plays out and what the OB says on Monday but I'm thinking we might have to cancel our Fine camping trip as well, and THAT is what sucks.

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