Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mountian Goat Training, week 2

     It was the same course as week 1 so my goal was to run it faster this week, and I did! Not by much, but I'll take it. (I was just recovering from strep so I wasn't 100%.) I have also planned a few hilly runs with Margaret in her neighborhood. We ran Barker Hill Road for 5-miles on Monday and my, oh my, was that some HILL. It beat the hills on the Mountain Goat course we've run so far. We are shooting for a hilly 7-miles on Friday since we are missing the week 3 training run this weekend. We ran a fairly flat 3 on Tuesday and my legs were tired. Ok, they felt like LEAD; I'm not going to lie. Today, I relish in a complete rest day. I never quite understood the benefit or glory in them, but today I do. Oh, do I ever! If I don't have a nice firm tush by race day on May 1st, I am doing something terribly wrong. Tomorrow is a planned 4 on a flat, oh, very FLAT road. So flat, that I don't even want to see a wave in the road. Friday is the long hill run and on the weekend I'll probably do an easy 3 in the neighborhood and/or something in the gym. We'll see what I'm feeling.


  1. Your training is going very well.
    I always take a complete rest day on Friday. My long run is on Saturday and I want to be "fresh" when I do it.

  2. Your doing so good...Keep your dream, its almost here.

  3. Do you run with the goat? There is a goat farm across from the park I run in, maybe there's a need. ;-)