Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost Spring!

     Happy Spring! Well, almost. It was a great day~ sunny and mild, in the 50's. It was perfect running weather so I saved my run for the afternoon so I could take it outdoors. It was one of the best runs I've had since the end of October and my calf strain. It truly was pure bliss. Sadly, I have to take it back indoors tomorrow with the prediction of rain...and I booked myself a massage appointment for the evening. Oh, the suffering, I know. Thursday, the BIG 4-0 day, will also have to be inside in the wee hour morning since of course birthday plans will clutter my afternoon and evening. Oh, darn again. Friday I have my fingers crossed for decent weather...I want off the treadmill! I wonder when it will start to be light enough to run outside before work...


  1. Big 40...No way. You look...You look 20

  2. It's your birthday? Great! Have fun.
    It looks like great running weather tomorrow in Central NY (Thurs.) but the weekend doesn't look so hot. I'm planning a very early looonggg run in the AM so I don't have to suffer the wind for 3 hours on Sat.

  3. Don't you like running in the rain? I don't mind it, but I do find it hard to start running when it rains.

    Hope you had a great birthday.

  4. Fran, I don't mind running in the rain in the summer. In cold winter/spring rain, not so much. I'd rather take it indoors than be damp and cold.