Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Years Ago...

Two years ago we announced our pregnancy for #2
Two years ago Lydia was pretty excited that she was going to have a baby brother or sister

Two years ago, this is what it looked like outside on the day I announced our pregnancy.
       I think I'm done throwing up about the marathon. Now I have to get myself signed up for a few races in between now and then to work through my race anxiety issue. Nothing like a good challenge.  I do have an ache in my lower left calf so I'm taking it easy this week and icing and elliptical-ing my miles instead to see if there is improvement. The elliptical doesn't seem to bother it like running does. If it doesn't improve, I may need to get it checked out. I even took the long run off this weekend to give it a rest.
     I'm also going to start back at Weight Watchers, just to get me through the holidays.  I would really like to avoid eating my way through them. I think the weekly "public" weigh-ins at meetings will hold me accountable and make it easier to resist the holiday food that likes to taunt me during the season. Lydia's Halloween candy has not been a good friend to me lately. I pulled out my lifetime member card and sadly, I'll have to lose 4 pounds to get back to my "free meetings" status. For now I'll have to pay the big bucks for the meetings.  Perhaps this is the kick-start that I need to get back down to my lowest post-pregnancy (between the kids) weight. I will be happy to see the 130's again.
     Pete has been working out like a madman. I think he’s in better shape now than when I met him. He’s been getting his autumn fishing in and has had a few good catches. People ask if he brings the fish home and the answer to that question is, he doesn’t. He is a catch and release only kind of guy. Lydia likes to fish with him and tells me that I should go too. I tell her that I don’t like to touch squiggly things. She told me that daddy will do that.
    Lydia likes her new pre-k program. It is much more structured than her previous program. So far her favorite thing has been the peanut butter and jelly snack on tortillas. That was a BIG hit yesterday.
     JP has finally decided to give walking a try. He still seems a little nervous about the whole thing and doesn't quite have the balance thing down, but he has been standing for a bit on his own and attempts a few steps. We keep practicing and when we forget to clap after his attempts he makes sure to remind us by clapping for himself.
     We had some friends over for dinner on Sunday and they have a little one year old girl, just a week younger than Jonny. I think he fell in love with her. Lydia seemed lost and didn’t quite know what to do with herself since, for once, Jonny had a playmate and she didn’t. Veteran’s Day is this Thursday and we’re having some mama friends and kids over for a brunch play date. This time Lyds will have more playmates than JP, which I'm sure will make her happy.


  1. Two years ago. Wow. It doesn't seem that long ago.

    I'm doing the same with not wanting to eat through the holidays. I've got myself a journal that I'm writing in with what I'm eating. Having to do it myself since I can't afford WW right now. You can do it!

  2. I was with you when you bought that ornament...right?

  3. Bren- i bought that at the mall after the breakfast with Santa. i was with Pete and Lyds and then we went over to moms afterward.

  4. I've finished 2 marathons and all I can say is once it starts you just keep going. I just wanted to focus on the people, the bands, finding my family along the way, etc...
    But I think everyone has anxiety, and I certainly did, you say "why am I doing this?" "Can I finish?" "What if I can't finish?" "What's that pain in my knee?" And I could go on and on. BUT, you get past that and it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!! You can do it!