Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleigh Bells Ringing

     The non-race half marathon training plan is going well. I'm on week three. My neighborhood friend, Emily has been running my long runs with me, so that helps pass the time for the longer runs. So far my longest run to date (and I mean ever, not just since starting this plan) is ten miles. It was a great run. It was followed by a busted eight-miler the following week, but I guess all runs can't be great.  And as you can see from my previous post, I registered myself for a marathon next fall. Yikes.
     Halloween was fantastic! It was cold, but Lyds had a blast. Jonny sat in his spider costume in the stroller. He was the "light keeper" and held tight to the Coleman lantern we brought with us. The annual Esce Halloween Party was, as always, an event to remember. I think this year had the best costumes yet!
    We had a full schedule of Halloween activities and are now happily enjoying a quiet week. Lydia is changing pre-k programs. Her current program just had a 30% rate increase, which is just insane. Luckily, there was one 4-year old wrap around spot in the Universal Pre-K program at another near-by center, only giving us only a $7 increase. I felt badly for switching Lyds like that mid-year, but she surprised me and is excited about a "new school." I'm taking her for a visit later today. 
     The holidays are just around the corner. I hear Christmas music already. They always start it November 1st, but end it December 26th, which annoys me. To me the holidays aren't over until the New Year. Come on folks, get with the program. It's bad enough they start it just a bit too early. Who makes these music rules anyway? I think they should be rewritten...or at least a letter to the radio station telling them they have it all wrong...and mom wants a Christmas list BEFORE Thanksgiving. She's nuts too.


  1. Great runs lady! Wish you and I were a little closer, I'd go on some with you. Granted, you would lap me, but whatever. LOL!

    Halloween sounds awesome! Johnny as a spider? That's cute!

    I'm with ya on the Christmas music. I'm ok with it starting about Thanksgiving, but I want it to go until New Year's. That to me is the Christmas season. Stupid radio people...

  2. Whats with the stores having three different holidays holidays at the same time in the same month? Makes you ask yourself whay they didnt put Easter right there too....I wish they wouldnt put the horse before the cart!
    Great job on your run!