Monday, November 15, 2010

Flat abs and Michelle Obama arms

     The leg pain seems to be improving but it's not gone yet. I'm going to take this week off from even the elliptical and just focus on upper body and core strength training. Flat abs and Michelle Obama arms, here I come! If this week's leg rest doesn't seem to help, it will be time to have it checked by a least that's what people are suggesting. All this, just as I was getting my running groove.
     I got myself back to Weight Watchers this Sunday. So far it's candy for me. Lydia's Halloween candy bowl that heckles me every time I walk into the kitchen, is now falling on deaf ears.
     Lydia's attitude about her pre-k program has changed. I think the newness has worn off and she is not happy with the structured program. She is not a fan of the "centers" because she can't bring the toys anywhere she wants in the room anymore. When I told her it was getting her ready for kindergarten she replied, "Then I don't want to go to kindergarten!"
     The Veteran's Day Brunch was a nice time! Lyds had a blast trashing the house with her friends. (Of course the photos are on the computer at home, so I'll update this post with photos tonight.)
     It's the last full week before the big Turkey Day!! I'm hosting this year. I still have to figure out my menu...

     Ha! I found this link when I was googling a picture for the blog post....

How to Get Michelle Obama's Arms: The Workout Plan



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