Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pink Apron


     Thanksgiving is a mere week away. I get super excited for the holidays. Thanksgiving weekend is the weekend I get the house all decorated, the tree goes up, the outside Christmas lights get turned on, and I go black Friday shopping, even the years I'm not out for anything specific. I just like the energy you feel during that shopping experience. I am going to try a couple of new turkey day recipes, healthier versions of some things I already make. Next week, we also cook our annual feast in the classroom. My students, and the faculty that join us, really enjoy the cooking and feasting experience. The pink William-Sonoma apron has been pressed and is hanging in my classroom, anxiously waiting for next week. 
     The holiday festivities are beginning. I plan on getting the outside lights hung this weekend. I promise I won't turn them on until the Friday following Thanksgiving. Although, driving home at night, you see plenty of them already on in our neighborhood. If the weather permits, we're going to do the walk-through of Lights on the Lake next week.
    Tonight we're going to Shades of Orange (children's art studio) for a playgroup activity.  I'm sure we'll be making some Thanksgiving craft. Lyds made her own bed this morning so she could go. She is actually pretty good at making her own bed. Lydia is changing her gymnastics class to Saturday morning. There is one time slot that doesn't have any kids enrolled. Apparently there is a teacher slotted for the class but no students. We did the class as a make-up last week and Lydia really liked the 1:1 time. She is still iffy about her new pre-k. Right now she is still not interested in going to kindergarten if they do centers like in pre-k. JP is getting better at walking and can go a bit further than he has been, but he's still a little shy about the whole thing. He still prefers to crawl to get places. If you do some planned walk time with him, he is all about clapping for himself. He sure is a funny little guy.
     I've been good at taking the week off to rest my leg and I do think it's helping. I'm excited to try a short run on the gym...just in case I need to elliptical instead. Sadly, the Michelle Obama arms and flat abs won't be gracing me anytime soon.  I haven't worked out at all this week. I seem to lack the motivation when I don't have the draw of some sort of cardio activity. Apparently, I am a cardio junkie.     

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  1. Your plans for the holidays sounds like fun! Enjoy all the decoration activities before that.