Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Knot wedding page revisited

JULY 2, 2005
 Newlyweds for 1944 days!

Carrie grew up in Syracuse, New York. She graduated from the Lemoyne College with a Masters of Special Education. She is a special education teacher in Dewitt.

Petar grew up in Syracuse, New York. He graduated from Saint Bonaventure University, with a BBA in Business Adminstration and Management Sciences. He is a mortgage broker in Baldwinsville.

Petar and Carrie were lucky enough to meet on an online dating website. We both joined it a month prior to meeting. I like to tell everyone that I bought Petar off the internet for only $19.95.

December 4, 2004

On December 4th, 2004, we headed to the Painted Lady Bed and Breakfast in Elmira for our one year anniversary (November 30th) celebration. Along the way we stopped in Ithaca to see the waterfalls. Petar does some fishing in the Finger Lake area and he wanted to check the water levels so we stopped at one of the areas that he likes to fish in. He asked me if I wanted to go. It was cold and windy but I went because I really had to go to the bathroom and I was hoping for a secluded spot to go in. Along the walk from the car to the falls I was complaining that I was cold and really had to pee- a typical Carrie moment. Pete was holding my hand, being patient as we walked along. We neared the falls and he points out a good ‘pee’ spot for me. I turn around and there he is on one knee, holding a box, asking me to marry him. At that moment I had forgotten that my bladder was bursting and I was no longer cold. I said yes and jumped on him, giving him a hug with my arms and legs. I really didn’t expect it at that moment. I had a feeling it might be coming soon and quite possibly over dinner or over wine next to the fireplace in our room. Never did I expect that he would do it near the falls. I was completely caught off guard. Later he told me if I had decided not to go see the falls with him, that he would’ve waited for the next day, and stopped again on our trip back home. Petar called my dad the Friday prior to ask for his blessing. He was also going to ask my mother too, but I crimped that plan when I decided to hide the key at the house rather than drop it off to her. Mom took care of Oki while we were gone on our overnight trip. The rest of the trip was magical. The bed and breakfast was beautiful and very romantic. We had dinner in town at Charlie’s Café—recommended by the bed and breakfast. Over dinner we had called our parents to tell them the news.

We are getting married and having the reception at Saint George Orthodox Church. We will be having an Orthodox wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids will wear black dresses of their choosing and they will carry pink rose bouquets.

Pete stumbled upon our The Knot wedding web page. I thought it would be nice to put here so when I print this blog, I'll have it for the kids to see someday. I should also mention that my ring was about three sizes too small and it didn't have a stone in it. I have a beautiful sapphire ring, and he was nervous about picking a quality sapphire on his own, so we went and did that together at the jeweler the following week. Recently Pete planned a romantic getaway for us at the same bed and breakfast in December. We both can't wait!


  1. That's awesome! I didn't know how you guys met or your engagement story. And it totally made me smile when I saw Dec. 4th, as that was my grandparents wedding anniversary. They were married for 61 years. May you and Petar reach beyond that milestone together. :-)

  2. what a wonderful story, you made a stunning bride.

  3. You are a beautiful couple and waht a fairy tale to share!

  4. Great story, you were a beautiful couple on the big day.

    About your comment on my blog: I'm using the Jeff Galloway method for a while now. I already have walk breaks in my long runs which made me faster than running the whole distance and it also brought my pace down. Before the walking breaks I was a lot slower especially by the end of the run.

  5. Fran-- looks to me like the walk breaks really work for you! Did you make a decision on how you want to run it?