Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't believe the hype. Macs are where it's at!

      I made the granola bars this weekend, which turned out fantastically. I will be making them again. I didn't get around to the peanut butter cups, but hope to later this week. This week is kind of hairy schedule wise, so I may have to put them off even longer. My waistline continues to thank me. 
     I should mention that my October challenge really started October 2nd. I rebelled right away and didn't get in a workout for October 1st. I'll just extend it a day to still get my 31 consecutive days in. I'm going strong though. I ran before the CureSearch walk on Saturday and I FINALLY got my 6.5 miles in on Sunday.  I ran this morning and I'm headed to a spin boot camp class this afternoon. Go me. 
     This week I have Open House at work, which I am less than enthusiastic about. I am a small program and since I have my students for 4+ years, very often the parents don't come back year after year. We have good communication throughout the school year, which is nice, but leads to a lackluster parent's night for me. I am guesstimating that I might have 5 parents this year...which is actually half my class. Hey, I guess it's not going to as bad as I thought!
     Pete and I also have "date night" to go see Michael Pollan, which I am extremely excited about!  Here's a link to a shortened version of Michale Pollan's Food Rules. Here are his top ten:
     Oh, and I ate a Honey Crisp apple. Don't believe the hype. Macs are where it's at!

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