Thursday, October 21, 2010


     The old October Challenge is a bust. I've only missed 3 days of workouts so it actually wasn't going too badly. I've been setting running goals for myself the past couple of weeks and making a weekly mileage goal which seems to get me more motivated to move than saying, "work out everyday."  I like something more structured, so I picked a half-marathon training plan to follow, even though I have no intention to actually run in a race because that would be just crazy. So why do I run if I never participate in organized runs? I run because I like it. I run for me. I run for the personal challenge. I run for the satisfaction of knowing I can go the distance. I like running with my friends. I like getting my non-running friends excited to run. I run because it is the most efficient way to burn calories. I run to feel strong. I run because I can. I like feeling a sense of accomplishment when I meet a running goal. So a half-marathon training plan it is. I picked a 4-month plan since there isn't a race date I have to meet. This should hopefully get me out there on the cold winter weekends for my long runs, because who wants to do those on a treadmill?
     There are a lot of fun Halloween activities coming up for the kids. We have a Halloween packed weekend, a few things mid-week, bringing us right into the actual Halloween weekend full of ghostly fun. Spookiness all around! Pete and I even have our own party to go to. I HATE dressing up, but we are going to a costume party, so...

     And if you're wondering if Pete ever catches anything when he goes fishing on the weekend:
33 inches long and 19 inch girth, which is around 16lbs
     Oh, and the peanut butter cake cups? I didn’t forget about making them…we have another faculty breakfast coming up next week that I plan on making them for. Yum!


  1. That's a big fish!

    I run for myself too but I run races (also for myself). Reason is that when I have a race on my schedule I hardly skip runs. At the beginning of this year I had no running goals and I noticed I ran less than when I had a goal. That's why I decided to train for a half marathon which I plan to run Spring next year. I need to have something to work towards too or I get lazy.

    But I know people who run for the same reason as you and there's nothing wrong with that. After all everybody runs for herself and we all have our own way to do it.

  2. I was just talking to a co-worker and she needs a race (w/ a planned schedule) to work towards while I just need the schedule. She's more like you with her running.

  3. Fran-- call me crazy but I just registered for a full marathon next fall. yikes! what did i get myself in to?