Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Christmas weekend

     Another fun filled Christmas weekend in the Bojlevski household! On Friday I got together with some girlfriends and we had a "Yankee Wine Tasting." We incorporated a wine tasting with a Yankee gift exchange. I ended up with a lovely scarf. (Sorry Amy.) Rosy was generous enough to offer to host it so thankfully I didn't have the rush of getting the house ready for that. My mini reubens did end up all over the front floor of my car, courtesy of not realizing Rosy's street was right upon me and I pressed the brakes a bit too hard, causing the reubens and crystal dish to shatter on my car floor. It hit the wine bottle, which thankfully survived the incident.
     Pete enjoyed some fly fishing on Saturday while I had the luxury of caring for Jonny and one very naughty three year old. On the way to pageant rehearsal, I noticed that Lydia seemed to have woken on the wrong side of the bed. I was very tempted to go back home and attempt to start the day again. Later that morning, things got better, so we decided to meet a couple of our friends and their kids at Moe's...which Lydia calls "Moses." (Side story: When I picked Lydia up from pre-K on Friday she kept insisting she wanted to go to Moses. I told her I didn't know who Moses was. This conversation continued to circle until she yelled out, "Where I eat quesadillas!!!" Ah ha. Mystery solved. Moses is Moe's.) Halfway through lunch, the naughty Lydia returned. She did serve a ten minute timeout once we got home. I am surprised did so well, since her friends decided to come over for a play date after lunch. The mommy's enjoyed some coffee and conversation while the kids played. Naughty Lyds returned toward the end of the play date so she had to go to her room for quiet time (reading her books in bed.) She ended up falling to sleep, which didn't surprise me. This child needed a nap from the second she woke this morning!
     Christmas cards got addressed later Saturday night. They should be going out in the mail today, if Pete remembers the stamps. We were short some cards so I had to order a few more--which hopefully we'll get by the end of this week. I ordered the first set of cards from this year. I love the look of them because they are printed on a card stock and not photo paper. The set I recently ordered are from Shutterfly because shipping time is quicker. Time is off the essence at this point. But if you haven't ever tried for your Christmas cards, give them a shot next year!!
     Sunday we got together with an old co-worker-- a former TA in my classroom. We went to her house and had brunch. The kids exchanged gifts and frosted gingerbread cookies. My classroom TA also joined us. This is our third time gathering for the holiday and it's always a lovely time.
     The evening brought us to our church Christmas pageant and the pre-school Sunday school kids were to sing "Silent Night." They did a great job! It's funny, but the pre-k kids sung louder than the 7-8th graders, who sung later in the pageant. It was a great pageant and I'm so glad that we joined this church. I’m excited to for their Christmas Eve service since this will be our first one with this church.
     This week will be pretty mild. One play date and finishing the last of the Christmas shopping are the only things on the agenda. We also have Pete's work Christmas party this week.

(And I have no pictures to share of the pageant because my camera is currently MIA.)


  1. actually i should say THANK YOU Amy for not stealing it from me!! :)

  2. Next year it's mine, all mine! And like I said, I didn't want to hear you screaming about it all year...or attempting to choke me with it when I wore it...hehehe!

  3. What a week! Sounds like the holidays are in full swing at your place. :-)

    My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night. Yea kiddos for singing it with gusto!