Friday, December 18, 2009

The last weekend before Christmas


The last weekend before Christmas will of course be spent doing the last of the Christmas shopping, wrapping, and mailing off the last batch of cards. I have some Christmas cookies that may or may not get frosted. I hope to finish what is left to prepare for Christmas so I can relax and enjoy next week without any hassle.
     Tonight is the big trip to the mall with Lyds and Jon. Lydia will choose a gift, from her,  for mom, dad, and Jonny. She wants to also pick out her own gift but I told her Jonny will be buying a gift for her. She said, "But Jonny can't pick it out mom." I told her I would help him. She's pretty excited for tonight because we were going to do this shopping trip on Wednesday evening but a meltdown ensued instead. Yesterday morning she marched right into school and told her teachers she was going to be good so she could go to the mall to buy presents. I reminded her we couldn't go shopping until Friday and surprisingly, she was OK with that.

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