Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OCS 75th Reunion

     We've had several generations from both sides of my family attend Onondaga Central. This summer the district put on a 75th Year school-wide reunion.

There's dad. He was here for the reunion. This is a newer addition to the school. The new cafeteria wasn't there 20 years ago.

Other parts of the HS didn't change...

HS graduation lawn.

Old timers. ;)

There's my family!

Some things never change.

Picture time!

in line for lunch

 It's too bad we didn't have a fitness center like this when I was in HS!

We are the Tigers, mighty mighty Tigers. Everywhere we go, people want to know...

JP often found grandpa to be a nice place to nap.

Geesh, who is this old timer?

It's grandma!!

Mom in old Mr. Cooks room!

German class!

It would have been great to see Herr.

Smokin' hot dude.



  1. hey!! you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your weight lost progress here. keep it up and never give up. you can do it.

  2. Good to see I'm not the only one who went to a school that her parent/family went to. All of my aunts/uncles (8) went to good ole GCHS, then me. I'll be the last sadly.