Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's almost October!

October 2008
     Cripes. It's almost October. Where does time go? We are finally getting into the swing things schedule-wise and we are busy! I'm trying to figure out what was different from last year when I didn't seem as busy, and I think it's because Jonny was just a wee one and now he's an active little guy. Boy, does it make a difference!
     Lydia really likes her gymnastics class. We had to switch to an earlier class. Jonny was not having the 5:30pm time slot. He was impatient waiting for sister when he wanted to be home having dinner. Jonny is not yet walking on his own. He was a late sitter, so I imagine he'll be a late walker too. He does an interesting crab walk though, when he gets sick of crawling. 
     The school year has started off well. I love my class this year. I have a nice group of kids. Running is going just as well, except I'm back to the gym treadmill for the wee hours. My neighborhood doesn't have streetlights and I'm a wimp when it comes to the boogieman.
     We have been keeping busy doing family "fall" activities. We went apple picking last weekend. (Pictures to follow soon.)  Pumpkin picking and some Halloween activities are on the agenda for October. Pete is participating in Project Healing Waters. He helped out last year and really enjoyed it. He's looking forward to helping out again this year. The kids and I are walking in the CureSearch walk for childhood cancer research. We are walking in honor of a little boy we know. The weather is supposed to be chilly for the walk, but like I said, it's almost October! Time to pull out the sweaters!



  1. Yea update! Glad to hear things are going so well. :-) And those miles are piling on. Great job!

  2. I'm working on it. I have a friend who does the long(er) runs with me on the weekend, so that helps a lot...and another friend wants to run with me on Friday's for a longer run too, so that will help. She, as most people are, is a better runner than I, so I told her I want her to work on my pace when I run with her.

  3. Carrie,
    I love your blog and I really love the outfits...arrgaa! It is so sad that Cancer doesnt get found cures for our loved ones. I hope you will follow me on my blog and my cancer journal. There are three children I follow found on my blog. They have cancer. My heart breaks for each child. They didnt ask for this be in their life. Please keep running for a cure. Maybe oneday they will find one for all cancers. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

  4. Thanks! I added you to my blog roll. :)