Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dad's Visit

      Mission Buff Arms is taking off. I know that was supposed to be my mission back in April (I think) but I am finally getting serious about it and I'm seeing some nice changes in my arms. Mission Abs will be my next focus. I tried a kickboxing class at the gym last night and I won't be back. I was never good at it before, so I'm not sure what I thought would be different this time around. I still suck at it. Coordination has never been my strength. Lydia is following in mommy's footsteps and will be taking a ZumbAtonic (zumba for kids) class tonight. I hope that she is more coordinated than I am.
     I think we're going to be putting a small deck in our backyard. We've been talking about it and I think it might actually happen in the next few weeks. I'm excited to have a nice place to sit in the backyard. The backyard needs some work and I think a new deck is a nice way to start.
     We've really been enjoying summer and doing a lot of fun things. Lydia has been going to summer pre-k camp for two half days a week, which is nice for some one-on-one time with Jonny. We had our share of fun play dates with our friends and time at the beach. Lydia took two weeks of swim lessons at Williams Beach. She was so excited to learn how to put her face in the water. Next week Lydia and I are going to Casawasco for a mother-daughter camping trip. Jonny and dad will stay home. I'm really looking forward to this special time with Lyds. She is just growing up too fast. 
     Dad came for a visit right before Jon's birthday. He was able to join us on our annual camping trip to Long Pond. He left before Jon's party so we made sure to celebrate it with him before he left.

Dad had his turn at a bedtime story.

Long Pond...just out of the car and it's time to fish!


What a great place to do some kayaking...

...or fishing.

Mary's worried about the bugs and dad's worried about the drinks. I'm going with dad's priorities for this one!

Jonny's first trip to Long Pond!

"I caught a fish but it got away. I swear it was THIS big!!"

The first campfire of our stay.

Gramps and Ava
Fishing again, bright and early~

"Look what I caught mom!"

"That was hard work. I think I need to soak my feet."

precious cargo

Going for a hike

"Come on mom and dad! Hurry up!"

"Weee, this is fun!"
And after a long hike, Jonny...
...decided that this was the best way to nap yet!

Snuggling with dad is always a good way to nap too.
Guess who likes the water?

another Bojlevski fish


Time to go kayaking!

and then back for more swimming


Jonny's turn to kayak

Hiking time. This time Amelia joined us.


and God said, "Let there be hunting camp!"

and there was.

 Complete with mouse traps...

...family fun...

...loads of laughter...

...and frogs.


"Wow. I think that was as big as my fish!"

Happy birthday, grandpa, Pete, Ava, and Jonny!

Dad set off the smoke alarm.

singing at the top of his lungs
Daddy thought it was time to join in on the chorus.

How'd we do?
The telling of "How the bear came to visit Long Pond"

closing camp

to keep the bear out (seriously)

Why don't we ever remember to take there photos at the START of camp...when we're all looking a little cleaner?

and the struggle begins...

...as we try to get a picture with the grandchildren.

Long Pond was extra special this year because grandpa was able to join us!

After we unpacked from Long Pond and had a good night's sleep, we decided to head to the zoo!

Bojlevski penguins

They captured the Long Pond bear!!

We also had a little picnic when dad was here but I guess this was the only photo I took. Aunt Andi, Uncle George, and John came, Uncle Ken (pictured), Kim, and Kevin also came. It was a nice visit.


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