Sunday, August 1, 2010

JP's First Birthday Party

     Jonny had a great first birthday! We had a great time spending the day with our family and friends.
Happy Birthday JP!

Pete set up the water fun for the kids.

Dedo watches the fun!

JP  had his own birthday pool.

Pete mans the grill.

Lori, Nikki, and Kristie

Aunt Nene

Uncle Bob

Cousin Bella

Aunt Martha and Great Gram

Uncle Bob and Bella

Our friend Tanner

Christian, Cameron, Rosy, and Caitlin

Cousins Amelia and Ava

Feed me ma!

Becky and Rosy

Cousin Paul and Tony (Paul is 8 days older than JP)

Baba and Dedo

Rosy and Sally

Christina and Cameron

Cousin Joe (2 months younger than Lydia)

Jonny wasn't sure about the party hat.

Hmmm, maybe it isn't so that cake coming my way?

This is cool. It's like I''m the life of the party or something!

Happy Birthday Jonny!
Yum, the cake IS good.

Daddy taking some pictures

How do I open this thing?

Oh, there was a toy inside!

What do I do with that?

A new hat from grandma.


To our family and friends,
Thanks for sharing Jonny's special day with us!


  1. Love all the pictures! It's hard to believe JP is a year old! Wow. And holy moly! You look great!! I love the hair style and the dress looks so cute on you. :)

  2. Thanks Chris! Mission buff arms: in progress. ;)